Alex Lau - Filmmaker and Photographer

The world of technology is quickly changing around us and to be successful in the modern economy, you have to be prepared for a wide variety of opportunities.  Your content should engage people and create a thoughtful message that is communicated consistently throughout your visual media.  You need people with versatile skills and a creative mind.  With an education in journalism and extensive credits in film production, Alex is uniquely trained to help businesses and organizations navigate the merging areas of the Internet, television, and other digital media.  Alex also has a wide breadth of professional experience, including directing presidential candidates through scripts, filming with high profile talent, creating branded content for corporations, and operating cameras for international television programs.  Above all, he brings an intellectual curiosity and a reliable determination to every project.

Past collaborations:  National Geographic, Travel Channel, The New York Times, HGTV, Bravo, BET, NFL Network, NBA, Royal Caribbean, IBM, Instagram, Human Rights Campaign, ACLU, Clinton Presidential Campaign, and the US Military